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How to prepare for the 11 Plus Spatial Reasoning Exam

Spatial Reasoning - 11+ (11 Plus) Exam - What you need to know

In this article, we'll explain how your child can effectively prepare for the Spatial Reasoning section of their 11+ Exam.


What is Spatial Reasoning?

Spatial Reasoning focuses on assessing your child's ability to interpret patterns within shape and space, often with a three-dimensional component. Questions are presented in a multiple-choice format where students are required to choose the single correct answer from a variety of options provided.


Is Spatial Reasoning relevant for my child?

Spatial Reasoning questions are becoming an increasingly prevalent part of 11+ exams as they are perceived to be relatively hard to prepare for.  

If your child is preparing for a GL Assessment 11+ exam, there may well be Spatial Reasoning sections included. For example, it is tested in the Buckinghamshire and Kent 11+ exams.

Furthermore, there is a recent trend whereby Spatial Reasoning questions are classified more generally under Non-Verbal Reasoning. For example, the familiarisation document for the new GL Assessment 11+ exam in Wirral includes Spatial Reasoning questions within the Non-Verbal Reasoning section.

So, if your child is taking a GL Assessment 11+ exam that includes Non-Verbal Reasoning, it is quite possible that this will also include Spatial Reasoning questions.

CEM 11+ exams can include Spatial Reasoning questions, such as nets and cubes, within the Non-Verbal Reasoning section.

It's also becoming increasingly common for independent schools to include Spatial Reasoning questions either as a separate section or within the Non-Verbal Reasoning section of their entrance exams.


How can I help my child improve their Spatial Reasoning?

Most children find Spatial Reasoning quite challenging. It's not something they come across in school and the types of questions asked are often confusing and mind-bending!

As with developing any skill, a little practice and familiarity can go a long way. If your child has been exposed to the various question types that will come up in their exam and has had the opportunity to practise sample questions and view detailed explanations, they are clearly going to enter their exam with greater confidence.

Up until now, high quality learning and teaching resources for Spatial Reasoning have been very hard to come by. The ones that do exist tend to miss key question types and styles.

This is why we created a specific 11+ Spatial Reasoning programme here at Daily Quest Plus.


How will this programme help my child?

For your child to improve their Spatial Reasoning skills, they need to be able practise answering sample questions that reflect what will come up in their actual exam. Furthermore, they need to learn the key techniques and patterns to look out for so they can improve both in speed and accuracy.

Our Spatial Reasoning programme does exactly this. Here's how it works:

  1. Your child will be presented with a specific practice question to answer.
  2. The question will be marked automatically and they will then be shown a detailed tutorial video that explains all the key elements and techniques involved in answering this type of question correctly.
  3. They will then be shown a second practice question that tests the same skill so they can reinforce the concepts that they have just learnt.
  4. Finally, they will be able to watch a tutorial video based on the second question, packed with actionable advice and guidance.

It's a simple but highly effective process: practise, learn and reinforce.


What are the key benefits of this programme?

  • In total, our Spatial Reasoning programme covers 770 questions, each accompanied by a tutorial delivered by a 11+ Spatial Reasoning expert. It's the most comprehensive Spatial Reasoning resource ever created for the 11+ exam.
  • Our questions have been created by the same expert who writes the questions for the actual 11+ exam. As such, they are the most accurate and relevant practice questions that you will find.
  • We cover every known Spatial Reasoning question type known to come up in the 11+ exam, including new ones that you won't find in any other practice resource.
  • Your child will be able to answer the practice questions and watch the tutorial videos as many times as they like.
  • We provide detailed analytics so you can see how much time your child is taking to answer each question and which categories and question types they find most challenging.
  • Daily Quest Plus is part of Exam Papers Plus. Every year, we successfully help hundreds of thousands of students to prepare for their entrance exams. You're in safe hands!


How do I get started?

You can try our 11+ Spatial Reasoning programme for free. Please sign up here to get started. No credit card details are required.

Your child will be able to answer a couple of questions and view the relevant tutorials. If you then decide to continue, you can choose between our monthly and annual plans.

On the monthly plan, two new questions and tutorials will be released every day for your child to answer.

On the annual plan, you will gain immediate access to all 770 questions and tutorials to work through at your own speed.


Further questions?

You can find answers to frequently asked questions here.

If you can't find what you're looking for, please feel free to contact us here. We are always happy to help and advise!



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